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Best. Ever.
First, create an IRC account

Type /msg nickserv register <password> <email> to register your account.

Then, check your email and follow the instructions to activate your account (usually you will only have to paste a simple line into IRC).

Finally, type /msg nickserv identify <username> <password> and you're all ready to go!

Make sure you do not forget your password, as you will need it to identify every time you connect to IRC.

Then, remove your hostmask if you have one

Removing and re-claiming your hostmask can be done in two simple steps. If you have no idea what a hostmask is, you can ignore this step.

First type /msg hostserv off

Then type /msg hostserv take $account.users.zandronum.com

After this, everything should be okay, and you should be able to host servers!

Lastly, register with us

If you would like to register, please log in to your Zandronum IRC account (instructions above if you do not know how) and type in

/msg BestBot register <password>.

If you have forgotten your password or would like to change it, you can use

/msg BestBot changepw <your_new_password>

Now you can host!

Please read these rules before hosting:
  • Do not use bots to get your server to the top
  • Leave :: [BE] New York :: in the server name at all times (you do not need to add this to the hostname, as it is done automatically)
  • Do not abuse RCON. This includes kicking players who are not breaking any rules, or giving yourself unfair advantages when players expect a fair game (an example would be using RCON to cheat in a public AoW game).
  • Make sure your hostname is only in English
  • Under no circumstances should cheats be on UNLESS the server is private and you know for sure nobody will abuse it.

To host a server, you must construct a message to send to the channel #bestever. The hosting command starts with .host, and you can add features by adding the options below.

Hostname is fairly straightforward, it changes the displayed name. You will need to add quotes around this though, so the bot recognizes where the hostname starts and ends. Example: hostname="Cool server"

Iwad is the iWAD that the server will run on. Only one of these will work. Example: iwad=doom2.wad

Gamemode is the gamemode you want. Possible gamemodes are: coop, ctf, dm, duel, invasion, lms, skulltag, survival, possession, tdm and tlms. The final product would look like this:

.host hostname="Cool CTF server" iwad=doom2.wad wad="idl2012.wad, odaflagx.wad" gamemode=ctf

The additional parameters are below and are completely optional.

Autorestart automatically restarts a server if it goes down. Usage is autorestart=on

Mapwad adds a wad and checks it for potential maps to add to the maplist. Please only use mapwad for wads that have maps in them, not resource wads like music, textures, etc.

Wad adds a map to the server and does not check it for potential maps.
** If you would like to add multiple wads, you can put them in a comma-seperated list, like this: 'wad=idl2012-.wad,ssgfix.wad'. You can also use quotes: wad="idl2012.wad, ssgfix.wad"

Data loads the default skulltag files (skulltag_data.pk3 and skulltag_actors.pk3). You can turn this on with data=on.

Config will run the server with a custom configuration specified in the config repository. If you're tired of changing everything through rcon, just upload a config!

Dmflags sets the dmflags.

Dmflags2 sets the dmflags2.

Dmflags3 sets the dmflags3.

Compatflags sets the compatflags.

Compatflags2 sets the compatflags2.

Skill sets the skill of the server. Usage is skill=0-4, 4 being nightmare, and 0 being the easiest.

When your server is up, the bot will private message you the RCON password. You can then change almost anything! Servers are limited to 4 per user.

We hope you enjoy using our services!

  • Basically, completely rewrote everything
  • Methods that take files actually sanitize input now (whoops)
  • Hosting two servers at the same time will no longer try to host both of them on the same port
  • Fixed .save not working
  • Hostnames can now contain +, and other symbols
  • Changed the way you host multiple wads, please see the wad section above for details.
  • The data option is now off by default. You can turn it on with data=on
  • Added .query, which gives you the host command of any zandronum server. Usage is .query ip:port
  • Added .rcon, you can get your RCON, ID, and logfile from the bot. Usage is .rcon
  • Added .get, which lets you get a server property. Example: '.get 15000 property'. Property can be anything, config, buckshot, hostcommand, hostname, etc.
  • Added .servers, which gets the servers from user. User is .servers NAME || alternatively, just .servers displays the number of servers
  • Added admin command .broadcast, which sends a message to all servers
  • Added admin command .autorestart, which will auto-restart a server upon crash
  • Added command .send, which lets you send a command to a server you own. For example: .send 15000 say hello world!
  • Each user now has a custom server limit (default: 4)
  • .givememoney removed
  • A bunch more under the hood stuff